Oyster Legal establishes a link between science and practice by unraveling complex regulatory and competition issues and looking for practical solutions. Oyster Legal can assist organizations in the following ways:

  • By acting as sparring partner for boards of directors and for directors of the strategy and legal departments of regulated companies
  • By participating in supervisory boards of (regulated) companies
  • By writing independent legal expert opinions
  • By providing interactive master classes
  • By acting as a speaker and as chairman of conferences/meetings


Transparency, Accountability, Participation, Independence and Effectiveness are key principles of good supervision. These principles form the basis for proper legal arrangements for the supervision of the energy sector and other regulated network sectors.

Oyster Legal advises on the meaning and implication of the principles of good supervision and the way in which they can be applied in markets in transition.


Regulation of key infrastructures must ensure that users have access to affordable, reliable and sustainable energy, water or transport facilities.

Oyster Legal advises how regulation can link up with technological developments and promote new innovations.


The energy transition involves the transition from an energy supply in which energy is generated centrally by means of gas-fired and coal-fired power plants to energy generated (locally) with sustainable sources, such as wind energy and solar energy.

Energy consumers are increasingly becoming prosumers. They do not only take energy from the distribution network, but also produce energy themselves and feed it into the grid. The transition to a sustainable energy supply requires a fundamental reconsideration of existing European and Dutch regulatory frameworks, supervisory arrangements, and decision-making procedures.

Oyster Legal advises on new legislation, new forms of cooperation and supervisory procedures that can facilitate the implementation of technological and social innovations that are necessary for the realization of the energy transition.